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The Book

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Colorful Place Book Mockup - Teal.jpg

Colorful Place

Take your child on a mindful journey full of  mindfulness skills like breathing, counting, and using the five senses.

After the story, complete one of the suggested art activities to deepen connections with mindfulness techniques.

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A look inside...

Colorful Place

THE Story

"Imagine yourself in a safe, calm place. This place is peaceful and quiet. Feel a warm and gentle breeze blowing over your entire body, starting at your feet and going all the way to your head. Beyond the sky, directly overhead is a warm sun shining down on you."

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Each illustration inside of our books is hand-drawn by artist and author Jocelyn Fitzgerald. You will love the colorful creations that come to life on every page.


Behind the book

Why Art + Mindfulness Work

Meditation and art have four essential features in common...


Art + Mindfulness

bring us to the present moment


Art + Mindfulness

relax the body

and mind


Art + Mindfulness

help us notice emotions


Art + Mindfulness

focus on process not product


Colorful Place

Ashley, writer & parent

"I love how this book fuses the power of the mind, creativity, and an awareness of one’s body and emotion to find balance and joy."

Peter, counselor

"A brilliant concept, creatively executed, with beauty, kindness, and fun for all."

Amelia, psychologist & parent

"...simple and easy to understand. I hope you create a series of books."

Colorful Place Mock Up - Blue .jpg
Colorful Place Mock Up - Blue .jpg

Colorful Place

Take your child on a mindful journey by reading them inspiring stories full of coping skills like breathing, counting, and using your senses.

After the story complete one of the suggested art activities to reinforce and further the skills developed during the story and help your child make deeper connections.

Our Cause

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of children. 

A portion of all book proceeds are donated to Boys & Girls Club.

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Bulk Pricing

To save on multiple copies and larger quantities of our book for your classroom, group, or organization - please contact us for bulk pricing. 

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