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Colorful Place:

Mindful Story and Art for Kids


Children will delight in this mindful journey... 


BREATHE: venture into the imagination with a story that gently teaches soothing skills like breathing, counting, and noticing the five senses.

ART: after the story, art activities extend and deepen the experience.


CALM: mindful story and art, together, help children make deeper connections with themselves and the present moment to feel more calm, relaxed and confident.



Original Artwork

Each illustration is hand-drawn by artist and author Jocelyn Fitzgerald. You will love the colorful creations that come to life on every page.

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Jocelyn Fitzgerald & Heather McClelland

Jocelyn Fitzgerald, art therapist, and Heather McClelland, public school teacher, are basketball moms who met when their boys were young. Before and after games they would talk about mindfulness and helping kids which led to the idea for this book. The tragic pandemic of 2020 motivated them to make this book a reality.  

Breathe Art Calm Watercolor Heart.png
Colorful Place Mock Up - Blue .jpg


Creating Calm

This workbook is full of art & mindfulness activities designed to help children bring awareness to the present moment, connect with their bodies, and use their five senses to create art.

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Parents, Therapists & Teachers Recommend

Betsy, therapist & parent

"I so love your book...

the idea, the concept, especially the intro explaining how to use."

Lynn, teacher & grandparent

"The combination of art

and mindfulness is a powerful tool."

Amelia, psychologist & parent

"...simple and easy to understand. I hope you create a series of books."


Our Cause

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of children. 

A portion of all book proceeds are donated to Boys & Girls Club.

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